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Our Histroy

The company was successfully established by May 2018. Since we have served a lot of valuable customers and got their good feedbacks which helped us to have firm root in this service.
The Financial Advisory (or financial consulting) segment delivers consulting services that build on a strong financial-analytical fundamental. Service offerings span a wide variety of topics such as transaction services, risk management, tax advisory, real estate advisory, compliance and litigation services to name a few. However, financial and accounting skills always stand at the heart of the services delivered.

Financial advisory services

The market for financial advisory consists of eight main disciplines: Transaction Services, Corporate Finance, Crisis & Recovery, Risk Management, Accounting Advisory, Tax Advisory, Real Estate Advisory and Forensics & Litigation.

Our vision is to deliver comfort to customer for every day. This means that we provide flexible loan feasibility for every customer to make people's life as simple and convenient as possible for living. For us, comfort means reliability and high product quality

What does a financial advisory consultant do?

Unlike the other four consulting segments, the main disciplines within Financial Advisory are less related from a functional perspective – the grouping is based on the dependency on financial skills and competences, combined with analytical rigour in many cases. As a consequence, the disciplines can, to a large extent, be seen as separate service areas: a corporate finance or M&A consultant, for example, performs substantially different activities from a risk expert, while forensics engagement entails completely different activities from property valuation projects. In addition, a share of financial advisory services overlaps with other consulting segments and even non-consulting services. For instance, corporate finance and M&A services are also offered by strategy consultants and investment bankers, while litigation & forensic services are also part of the service portfolio of (specialised) law firms. Typically, the financial side of compensation & benefits – part of the HR consulting segment – also falls within the scope of financial advisory, particularly pensions and healthcare consulting.


Company Mission

We have professionally managed team which provides best Financing solutions. We would like to introduce ourselves as one of premier fund advising and financial consultancy group not any Bank or NBFC, DAS ADVISORY SERVICES is one of the leading energetic group in India. Who provide best financial services from private investors, funders & other sources for new and existing businesses by way of Term Loans for projects, Working Capital Loans, Builder funding, Rental discounting, Loan on Power Projects, NPA Financing solutions for Corporate etc. across the India. Our team consists of experienced & seasoned finance professionals, retired Bankers, Legal & Insurance experts who have got wide banking, Industrial & Insurance experience

WE helaping small business

We gives best finance advice to our clients to make them satisfied.

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