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Basic Information Criteria-Salaried individuals.Profile-Resident Indian employed at a Public Ltd co./ MNC/ large Pvt. Ltd co.Age-21-58 years.Income-Net monthly salary of minimum Rs. 15,000/-.Years in city-Minimum 1 year.Total work experience-Minimum 2 years.

Passport Copy/ Voters ID card/ Driving License PAN card Aadhar Card Overseas Citizen of India card Person of Indian Origin card

Valid Passport Voter's ID card Food Card (Ration Card) Lease Deed/ Rent agreement Copy/ Property Registration Document in the name of the Customer Bank account statement printed on bank's letterhead, not more than 3 months old, signed and stamped by existing banker Overseas Citizen of India Card Person of Indian Origin Card Latest IT Return Original Letter from Company Telephone/Electricity Bill

Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Sales Deed, Receipt of Tax paid

Income tax returns Minimum 3 years with income computation balance sheets & P/L accounts

For the last 12 months

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