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Startup finance Loan

Startup Loan. A type of loan that provides a fledgling business/company with enough upfront capital to get off the ground. A startup loan can be used for a variety of purposes.
If you are running a startup, your big challenge must really be meeting operating costs and balancing them with the need to expand. Let us admit; it is not that easy. You are hungry for funds but not too many financial institutions are willing to take that risk. If you think that it is still too early to get equity participation or if you are cagey about VC funding, then there is the option of a startup loan. Like other traditional loans, this startup loan allows a new company to borrow from conventional lenders.
As an entrepreneur, you need to learn early on that good and solid documentation lies at the core of accessing funding options. After all, start up business loans are specifically for funding startups that have little or no credit history.

Running and growing a startup can be an exciting step in your career path. However, it’s not without its challenges. As well as making sure you have a clear vision and a concise business plan, you also need to ensure that you have access to sufficient amounts of cash to back it up. This is what can make or break your business. Although it can be tough, acquiring the funds that you require can be achieved, providing you know how. By applying for a Startup Loan you could receive the funds that you need to grow, refine and push towards a brighter future.

* ID Proof (VoterID/ Driving License/ Passport)
* Residence Proof(Ration Card/ Electricity Bill/ Phone Bill)
* Pan Card
* I.T.R. present 3year / Salary slip / Form No. 16
* Bank Account Statement (6 months)
* Purchaser agreement/ Land related document’s copy
* Type of Land to be Consider: Any kind of Agriculture Land andPunchayati Patta will not be considered.
* Registry or Patta converted by Nigam / Parishad / Palika (RHB and UIT) can be consider.
* balance transfer and top up loans facility also available on attractive interest rates etc...

* Fourth grade employees will not be entertained by our company whether he/she is govt. employee or a pvt.12.jpg employee.
* Company will not entertain employees working in civil services such as: army, crpf, police, law services, etc.
* Contractor profile will be considered as a negative because of variable income, but the file may be discussed with the company or bank according to the case.

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